The VermiHut Plus worm compost bin converts the kitchen  food waste from your kitchen into organic fertilizer for your  garden.

Stackable 5 tray worm composting system, makes it much easier to harvest the worm castings. Fill a working tray with worm bedding, red worms, and food scraps. As the worms finish composting in the first tray, add a second tray and the worms will migrate up to the new tray above. After 40 - 60 days you can remove the first tray of finished vermicast and additional trays as the worms multiply and continue their activity. This system also makes it simple to create vermitea by watering the top tray and having a bucket under the spigot to collect the leachate.


VermiHut Plus

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  • The VermiHut Plus worm compost bin converts the kitchen  food waste from your kitchen into organic fertilizer for your  garden.   The VermiHut Plus is a step-up version of the  internationally well-known VermiHut worm bin made by Vermitek.

    It’s easy to use! Just fill a working tray with worm bedding, red worms and food scraps. As the worms finish composting, they  will migrate upward into the tray above, leaving rich castings behind. In ideal condition, 2lbs or worms can consume 1lb of food scraps per day on average. A 5-tray worm bin  can house 10 lbs of worms. Therefore, it can help to  reduce 5lbs food scraps per day. The VermiHut Plus  provides the perfect capacity for household food waste management.  


    1. Smallest footprint for the highest composting efficiency,  thanks to the stackable design; 

    2. Odorless. The compost worms slurp the bacteria before it  smells. A component named “V-Board” and a piece of  coconut mat are built in the air-vented lid.  The improved lid design makes it possible to remove the already  minimal odor.  The VermiHut Plus can be used inside or  outside the house.   

    3. Moisture Control.  The improved lid design makes it  possible for moisture control. The coconut fiber holds the  moisture and keeps the environment moist.  It maintains  the bedding in a perfect moisture level and provides the  worms a comfortable living environment.   

    4. Fruit Fly Control.  Sometimes, the fruit fly eggs come with  the fruit peels and may generate fruit fliers, especially in  Summer.   The improved lid design can minimize the fruit  flies

    5. The tray size is 17 x17” and holds 3-5 inches of material depending on how full you want it. 3” is one half cubic foot and can become very heavy if you let it get deeper. It’s up to you. 

    6.  A component named “worm-saving tray” or “M-Board” is  built in the system.   This component can prevent worms  and compost debris dropping to the liquid tray.  The M Board also increases the system airflow for better  compost efficiency.   

    7. A set of ant-trap comes with the unit.  In case of ants  invading the worm bin, the ant-trap is the ultimate  defense.  

    8. The liquid collection tray and the base are in one piece.  Therefore, there is no need to use bolts/nuts to assemble  the base and the liquid tray.  The only assembling is to  install the spigot.  The recess spigot hole makes the much easy installation possible, and leakage-free possible. 

    9. Easy maintenance and minimum attendance. 

    10. Recycled plastic material is used for manufacturing this product.