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Copy of What's with all the worms in the compost?

We aim to create the best activated compost possible here at Mother Dirt Collective. One of the ways we do this is by raising Red Wigglers in our maturing compost and they love it! Worms make vermicast as they eat organic microscopic material that is decomposing. One additive that makes compost or any soil in the field or in your garden explode with life is vermicast. Our compost has vermicast already added because of all nthe worms living there. Many people want these worms for indoor composting and are paying money for them. You get them for free in our activated compost!

Now to help you feel better about having worms in the compost, here are the details. The worms are Red Wigglers; Eisenia Fetida, a composting worm. When you use our compost, you will most likely be getting some of these worms in the bag of compost. Use the compost the way you intend, either in the garden, in pots, with shrubs or whatever you had in mind. As the plants grow, any worms in the compost tend to do whatever comes natural. They want to be where the organic material is, so if you have not too much, they die. If you have enough, they live. You won't get tons of worms, you will get just the right amount for your situation. In the winter, they probably won't make it. Either way, Red Wigglers are very similar to Angle Worms, but they don't go down into the ground very far, so they are not too good at making it through the cold.

You hear allot these days about the benefits of Vermicast or Worm Castings. You may also hear about the dreaded "Jumping Worms". At our place, we do not have Jumping Worms. Although these worms are increasing in locations that have them, we don't have them here and are on a sharp lookout for them. We are also educating and informing the neighbors who bring us their yard waste what to be watching for in regards to Jumping Worms and to not bring us their goods if they find any. We at Mother Dirt Collective are proactive on Jumping Worm containment and prevention.

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