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 WHOLESALE products & pricing


The prices below are only for Mother Dirt Collective approved vendors. Refer to our main retail product page for current suggested retail prices.



Please provide your tax ID when ordering or any tax exempt certificate for sales taxes.

Payment is due at the time the order is placed or can be billed with approval from us. We accept cash, checks, Paypal, Venmo and you can pay on our Wix site as well.  


Orders placed online currently do not include shipping costs or the ability to specify shipping/delivery as an option, but we will deliver to all of our wholesalers and vendors within 7 days if it is on our route to the Minneapolis area

Based on the order size and distance we will confirm the shipping charge.

Delivery charges are free with the first order in our region from Wisconsin Rapids to the Twin Cities area. Our delivery charge is $75 per pallet of compost (60 bags) with a 2 pallet minimum. If we have other orders we will deliver one pallet minimum order.  The delivery charge for Vermicast is set at no charge per bag when combined with a compost deliver. If you are only interested in Vermicast we charge $1 per bag, but it must be on our way, not a special order. As you can see- we are quite flexible!  

 Please contact us for all questions. 

Please contact us for delivery options for longer distances.

We are able to unload the products at your site. 


Orders may be picked up directly at our location at no additional charge.

We will load on to your vehicle or trailer.

Please contact us to arrange for pickup.

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