What is Activated Compost? First of all the compost is carefully monitored during the composting process to keep it aerobic and moist during the breakdown process. As it begins and continues to heat up, thermophilic microbes convert organic materials into stable organic matter. Once the thermophilic process has completed and the compost goes into it's cooler mesophilic stage, we add biologic brew to the mix, which has microbes from many different sources such as locally obtained indiginous forest, fungi, and vermicast microbes which are cultured and increased exponentially in a process we manage. The reason for adding the brew to the maturing compost is for these helpful microbes to all be present in the compost, we are not leaving it to chance. Our plants need all the microbes, fungi, soil dwelling inhabitants of all kinds to populate the spaces where roots grow. These all need oxygen and stable organic matter to live. Our compost is made with the end result of providing material infused with the desired synergistic community of organisms ready to get to work in your plantings. 

It is recommended to use up to 50% compost mixed with your soil or old potting soil mix. This will renew old potting soil and boost up the organic content of soil. 

Activated Compost - 1 cu. ft.

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  • Suitable for starting seeds, and for making potting soil or starting sprouts indoors, also for adding nutrients for watering plants. Add 1-2 Tablespoons to your water and allow to soak for 1-3 hours before watering houseplants or potted plants.