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Plant, grow, and harvest all in one! This is a mix that you can place your veggies or flowers in and grow all season long. The bag will last one season reliably and up to 2 years if kept out of the sun. It is a good idea to use a little fertilizer mid-summer to give a boost to any plants. Worm castings, fish emulsion, or another natural product are recommended.  Tray comes with the Grow Bag.

Mother Superior Grow in the Bag .5 cf

    • Lean this against a fence or support
    • Keep watered to prevent plant stress
    • Use our up-cycled tray made from bird seed bags
    • Add a natural fertilizer mid summer to help your plants thrive.
  • These are formed from discarded animal feed bags such as birdseed, chicken, horse, and some dog food bags. Each one is unique and keeps a little more plastic from the landfill, the trays fit the .5 and the 1 cubic foot compost bags. 

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